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About Us

About Victory

Established in 2018, Victory Consultancy Pty Ltd provides education-related services, especially for International students who wish to enrich their study experience overseas. We also have our registered migration agent who can provide professional advice to those who want to migrate to Australia either temporarily or permanently. We understand well the struggles of preparing the document & admission, finding the right school and accommodation, applying for a student visa, and adjusting to the new environment that International students have to face. We also understand the importance of providing legitimate migration advice to each individual for the best outcome. For these reasons, VICTORY will help International students and migrating clients by giving valid and legal information and advice to tackle all the hassles they could face. Having our highly experienced consultants, we will assist each student and client in the best service possible.

Our Vision

We aim to be a professional and reliable International education and migration companion. In the education field, we aim to help and encourage the students with the enrollment process to achieve their VICTORY! In the migration field, we aim to provide the best and most legitimate solution for each individual since everyone has a different problem.

Our Mission

  •  Providing free and confidential consultation for all the International students who can freely discuss their future study plans and options with us.
  • Finding the right schools for the students on a case-by-case basis depending on the educational background, future career plan, as well as financial capacity of the students.
  • Guiding, teaching, and coaching preparations of the students until they are ready for study.
  • Collaborating with reputable schools in many countries, starting from Australia.
  • Providing free and confidential initial consultation for all the migrating clients for a better understanding of their position and chance of getting the visa they are applying for.

Our Future Goals

  • We are going to expand our services to other countries in the world.
  • We are continuously broadening our cooperation with more reputable Universities and Institutes in top education countries such as Australia, the USA, the United Kingdom, Canada, and New Zealand.

Our Offices

Our head office is located in Melbourne, Australia. We actively recruit International students to study in Australia, one of the countries with a great reputation for its best education and the remarkable academic system in which various majors and courses are accessible. Australia is known for its unique teaching and coaching method with incomparable theoretical and practical components which may not be available in other developing countries. All the courses in Australian universities and institutions are regulated by Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) which maintains the teaching quality of the school. These led Australia as one of the most popular destinations to study. Australia is known to have the most livable cities in the world. This makes many people in the world want to taste the lifestyle of Australia. The migration system in Australia is also considered to be a complex and well-structured visa option, either for temporary or permanent stay purposes.

VICTORY has opened a branch in Jakarta, the largest and highest demand education city in Indonesia. We are planning to open other branches in Indonesia in the future. We choose Indonesia as Indonesian students have chosen Australia as their favorite study destination since 2008 (UNESCO 2018, WES 2014). VICTORY is here to accommodate numerous applications and provide our best service with trained and professional staff. Indonesian also like to travel to Australia temporarily as well as permanently. By having our migration team, we can provide a holistic solution, especially for those who have a long-term plan in mind.

Our Team

“Our highly experienced consultants will assist each student and client in the best service possible.”

Yusak Oktavianus

Education and Migration Consultant

Phone: (+61) 416 161 088
E-mail: yoktavianus@victory-consultancy.com
QEAC No: P155
MARN: 2117099

Serna Jarny

Senior Education Consultant

Phone: (+61) 415 822 829
E-mail: nana@victory-consultancy.com
QEAC No: N641

Sikna Yani

Education Consultant

Phone: (+62) 812 8090 9551
E-mail: jakarta@victory-consultancy.com

Assyifa Tusaleha

Education Consultant

Phone: (+62) 811 1027 917
E-mail: jakarta@victory-consultancy.com

Thomas Jeperson Malau

Education Consultant

Phone: (+62) 811 8881 8161
E-mail: jakarta@victory-consultancy.com

Jakarta Melbourne