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Professional Year Program

Unleash your potential and secure your desired career through enrolling in a Professional Year Program!

Are you an international graduate in Australia specializing in Accounting, IT, or Engineering? Obtaining a Professional Year certificate can significantly benefit your Permanent Residency (PR) application!

The Professional Year program in Australia is a structured professional development program designed to enhance the employability and skills of international students who have recently graduated from Australian universities. The program is specifically tailored for graduates from accounting, information technology (IT), and engineering fields.

Here are some key aspects of the Professional Year program in Australia:

Professional Year Program is a practical pathway from college or university to employment that ensures the international graduates are job-ready. Professional Year program equips the international students with practical work skills and training required to enhance their career aspects.

  • A professional year graduate will be entitled to 5 points under skilled occupation as set by Department of Home Affairs
  • The internship will enhance your practical skills and boost your employability chances in Australia
  • You get an idea of professional communication and how to act withinworkplace
  • Gain the precious work experience in an Australian organization
  • It adds value to your CV.
  • You also get to develop your network with industry professionals.
  • Should be an accounting, engineering or IT graduate from Australia
  • Must hold a Temporary Graduate visa (Subclass 485)
  • Must be below 50 years of age
  • Must have the skills Assessment if required
  • Must have a score of 6 bands

The following are institutions that provide year one professional programs

Institutes Information Technology Engineering Accounting
Navitas Professional
Monash Professional Pathways
Performance Education
Education Centre of Australia
Queensland International Business Academy
Stanley College
NIT (National Institute of Technology)
Jakarta Melbourne